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My Services


Are you someone that wants to understand your emotions, thoughts, behaviours and/or mood? Do you want help setting goals, learning strategies, making important decisions, managing emotions, dealing with relationships, dealing with loss etc? I'd love to help.


Are you in a current or past relationship, and are struggling with communication, expressing emotions, co-parenting, sharing responsibilities, sex/intimacy, boundaries etc? I'd love to help! 


Do you have a blended family? Are you struggling with your teenagers mood/behaviours? Are you and your partner separating and wanting to help prepare your children for the transition? Is your family member or loved one struggling with addiction or substance misuse, and want to learn to navigate this? Whatever the reason, I'd love to help. 


Have you experienced a traumatic event, experience and/or life circumstances that have greatly impacted you and how you are able to live your life? I'd love to help. Check out more information on EMDR Therapy here 


Are you a supervisor, manager, business owner, team lead or coach and you'd like to offer a specific presentation or workshop on bettering mental health in the workplace? I'd love to chat with you and work with you to develop a plan right for your team.


Are you a business owner, supervisor, HR representative, teacher, coach, manager etc and are looking to learn how to better support your team or employees with their own mental health challenges, or to better understand how to recognize when someone is struggling? I'd love to chat with you and help you better support your team. 

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